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Preparing a Perfect Wedding Day Toast

November 5, 2014

There is an art to delivering a good toast that really shows the emotions you are feeling and expresses the gratitude or sentiments you may have for people that are a part of a wedding (whether you are the one getting married or a part of the wedding).  Some people are naturally loquacious, able to state something beautifully off the cuff, but most are not.  They get nervous when all eyes are on them and they have the attention of all those around them.  Knowing a few helpful tips to help make delivering a perfect wedding day toast really comes in handy.  It makes the difference between rambling nervous words and words that really express what you are feeling.

  • Have an idea of what you want to say.  You know what’s in your heart better than anyone else.  Think about what you’d like to say so you become more familiar with it.


  • Don’t be afraid to write it down.  There is nothing wrong with having a note card to keep you on track if you are nervous as a public speaker.  Nobody will fault you for that.  It’s human nature as evidenced by the recommendation to write down your vows if you are creating your own instead of trusting your memory.


  • Humor.  Funny toasts are amazing, but they need to be appropriate for all members of a wedding reception.  Personal stories are fantastic, but you shouldn’t tell secret jokes with hidden messages because they’ll flop for all besides the one they are meant for.


  • Length.  Once you get talking it is easy to keep going sometimes, especially if you’ve enjoyed a few libations.  Make sure you don’t turn your toast into a speech where people check out and the magic of your words are lost in the process.


  • Give a heads up.  If you want someone to give a toast or say something at your wedding, do not hesitate to give them a heads up so they can prepare.  Most people are honored that you’d want them to speak on your wedding day and they appreciate having the opportunity to prepare their thoughts.


  • Emotions.  This one is simple.  If you cannot get through what you want to say without having an emotional break-down try to find a way to express yourself with words that will not give you crying convulsions.  Your heart and passion will still show through.