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The Formula for Finding a Wedding DJ

March 25, 2014

Your wedding day is a big day that has some pretty big decisions attached to it.  If you are in need of a wedding DJ in NY or NJ, you know that you have many options to choose from. It doesn’t have to be maddening though. In fact, with some simple questions and information you can easily find the wedding DJ that will make your event one that not only celebrates your new union, but also shows how much better the celebration can be with the right talent at your venue.


Define your expectations.

There’s never been a better opportunity to infuse your personality in to your wedding than with the right DJ. It makes all the difference and is a way to share a bit of your personality with all your guests while ensuring that your wedding stays true to who you and your spouse-to-be are as a couple. 


Here are a few things to consider when you begin talking about the entertainment that’ll make your day just a bit more special:

- The songs and music that have a meaning for you and your future spouse.
- The atmosphere you want at your venue.
- How engaged in the entertainment process you want your wedding DJ to be.
- The tastes of your guests.


Ask the smart questions.

Every dollar you spend for your wedding should be put to good use and you shouldn’t demand less. Like with most things, the best way to do that is to ask the smart questions that help you make a sound determination. In the case of your wedding – a decision that will make your reception fun, lively, and inviting.


Take advantage of asking some of the questions that have been proven to help couples preparing for their big day make good decisions in regards to the entertainment portions of their day. Consider asking:


1. How do you decide which songs you play? 


You should work with talent that is willing to listen to your needs, likes, and has a wide selection of music to choose from and a detailed plan of how they will organize it.


2. What made you interested in being a DJ? 


This may sound like an odd question, perhaps a prying question, but the best talents in the DJ industry have a passion for what they do and it usually results in a more amazing experience.


3. What information do we provide you to help you create a great plan for the music at our event? 


True professionals have ideas, concepts, and solutions that help set their client’s minds at ease and show them exactly how they will be the distinct difference in their reception and celebration.


Use the formula.

It is easy to make great choices for your wedding’s entertainment. The winning formula will come from a combination of defining your expectations and asking smart questions.