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Using Basecamp to Organize your Wedding

September 4, 2013

Planning a wedding naturally gives you dozens of things to do and often times several people to help you get them done. Staying organized and transparent through this process is normally really tough. We use a tool that has really streamlined our communication and planning process with all of our clients, that tool is called Basecamp.


Basecamp is a web-based project management tool that links to your email. It really is a great tool because it helps you keep track of every task, discussion, file and event from beginning to end—all in one place. 


A traditional approach might be a separate email thread with your wedding planner, one with your DJ, your Photographer, your Videographer, and so on. This process can get very messy and unorganized, especially when you need to reference files, images, and things discussed throughout your 6-18 (sometimes even more) months of planning. And what if you forget to CC or BCC someone on an email? They are then out of the loop!


We have created a video walkthrough on how we use it with our clients, feel free to check it out below.



All of our clients get a complimentary Basecamp invitation to as many people as they would like. For those of you curious on pricing, Basecamp Personal allows up to 5 people for a one time fee of $25. The regular Basecamp allows an unlimited amount of people per project starting around $20 month, just send an quick invite to each email address and you'll be off and running. Thanks for learning about the tool that simplifies our planning process.