virtual graduation ceremony

High schools throughout the country are having to postpone or cancel their end of year graduations because of covid-19.

DLE Event Group is helping high schools in New York to celebrate their graduation ceremonies with their very own fully customized high school virtual graduation ceremony.

Here are 10 things we can include in your high school virtual graduation ceremony: 

    1. Before and after introductory slideshow

    2.  Live or pre-recorded presentation from the school principal

    3. Musical entertainment

    4. VIP guest speeches

    5. Live chat features

    6. Customized naming ceremony

    7. Valedictorian and Salutatorian speeches

    8. Language translations

    9. Graduation Images (graduates in their hat and cape)

   10. Password protected platform

Before and After Introductory Slideshow

This is a great way to start off your high school virtual graduation ceremony as it creates a personalized event for each graduate and their close family and friends.

We can show a photograph of each graduate either at the start of their high school journey or even as a baby and then place that next to a photograph of them in their final year at school.

A nice touch is to add a special song that represents the special occasion.

Live or Pre-Recorded Principal Presentations

A special part of any high school graduation is the final send off speech from the school’s principal.

We can add this part of the graduation as a pre-recorded video or a live-streamed speech depending on the principal’s choice.

Musical Entertainment

High Schools have many talented kids in their schools, so it is always great to include these special performers in the virtual graduation celebrations.

For example, your school choir could perform a special song for the occasion, a student could share a poem, or your school’s cheerleading team could display a special dance and sing the school anthem.

Again, this could be pre-recorded or live-streamed on the day of the event.

VIP Guest Speeches

A normal high school graduation ceremony will always have a VIP guest to deliver a special speech to the graduates.

We can still add this part of the graduation to a virtual graduation ceremony by either pre-recording the special guest’s speech or live-streaming the speech on the day of the event.

Live Chat Features

Your graduates will no doubt feel a little saddened because they cannot share this special occasion with their school friends, teachers and family members in person.

With our live chat feature, we are able to give the graduates a chance to engage with their school friends and other guests throughout the full event.

Guests will also be able to leave messages and congratulate the graduates which is a really personalized part of the ceremony for the school leavers.

Customized Naming Ceremony

One of the really special features for our virtual graduation ceremonies is our customized naming ceremony option.  This is the part of the ceremony when each student is mentioned by name and congratulated for graduating.

We are able to compliment this feature by creating a special naming ceremony slideshow that shows a photograph of each graduate with their name and any special achievement

The principal is invited to do the naming ceremony as a pre-recorded feature so that each graduate is included like they would be at a live graduation event.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian Speeches

A graduation ceremony always includes certain speeches especially from the top performing students in the grade.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian speeches can be recorded in advance or delivered live on the day of the graduation event depending on the individual choices of the students and the school principal.

Language Translations

There are many communities within New York which have other ethnic majorities or different home languages to the rest of the state including languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and Spanish

We are able to offer these schools our language translation service so that any guests invited to watch the event online, can do so without any language issues.

Graduation Images

At a normal high school graduation event, your students would be all dressed up for the occasions in their special graduation hat and cape.

We like to create virtual events that represent the formal occasion as close as possible so all school graduates are invited to send an image of themselves dressed in their graduation outfits.

We can also share images of each graduate with their friends, family and teachers in a final slideshow to end off the event.

Password Protected Platform

Possibly one of the most important features of every virtual graduation is the use of a unique password protected platform.

It is important not to overcomplicate this part of the process as you could end up with your guests and graduates not being able to access the event on the day if you get it wrong.

We suggest using a simple password protected tool on the page that the virtual event will be hosted on so that anybody who has received the personal invitation to the virtual graduation can sign in without any major technical issues.


Would you like to know more about our high school virtual graduation ceremonies?

We have added an explainer video to our website which explains exactly how we deliver high quality virtual graduations for high schools and other schools in New York and US – click here to view our video

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