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It has been a very tough year for kids across the country with schools being shut down, graduations being postponed and end of year celebrations completely cancelled.

We are making sure school kids of all ages can still have their graduation ceremonies by offering virtual graduations for all schools throughout the US.

DLE Event Group is helping schools create professional virtual graduations for every grade in their school so that every child, no matter their age, can still celebrate their achievements and milestones.

In this article, we share 7 virtual graduation party ideas with you so that you can still celebrate your childs’ achievements with their special friends and family members from the comfort of your home.

7 Virtual Graduation Party Ideas

  1. Drive By Celebrations
  2. Host A Video Call
  3. Decorate Your House
  4. Create Graduation Banners
  5. Host A Watch Party
  6. Use a Photobooth / Photo Frame
  7. Gifts & Cards Table

Drive-By Celebrations

Your child may feel a little down on the day of their graduation, especially if they have been looking forward to sharing this special day with their friends and family all year.  With a drive-by celebration, your child can still receive the attention they deserve but with social distance measures in place.  Your child’s close friends, neighbours and family members congratulate them by driving past the house hooting and cheering and sending their well wishes to the graduate.

Host a Video Call

Let your child celebrate their special day with their close friends and family members by hosting a live call on zoom or skype.  If their school is hosting a virtual graduation ceremony, they could all watch the event together on the live call.

Decorate Your House

Every virtual graduation should have a special virtual graduation party.  You can mark this special occasion by decorating your house with balloons, banners and streamers.  You could also create an area in your house for a graduation party table where you place the graduation cake and treats.

Create Graduation Banners

One of the most popular virtual graduation party ideas are virtual banners for the graduate.  Minted is an online stationery supplier that sells customized virtual graduation banners – click here for more details or you could make your own.

Host a Watch Party

This is a great idea for a virtual graduation party with your friends. All of the friends will spend the night watching old graduation movies on Netflix eg. High School Musical 3, Can’t Hardly Wait

Set Up A Photobooth / Use a Photo Frame

Make a fun photo frame, order your cape and gown, then take loads of graduation photos for your childs’ scrapbook or to share with their friends on social media

Gifts & Cards Table

 Just like you would for a birthday or baby shower, ask their friends and family to send gifts and cards for the graduate in advance and place them on the gifts and cards table so they can read any messages and open all of the special presents on the day of the event.

Other Virtual Graduation Party Ideas

virtual graduation party ideas nyc

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