Schools have had to cancel all formal graduation ceremonies because of the coronavirus pandemic, however, schools can still make their graduates feel special with virtual graduation ceremonies.


DLE Event Group is a New York-based company that has helped over 65 schools across the country to celebrate state-of-the-art virtual graduation ceremonies in 2020.  We are proud of our 100% success rate.


Graduating from school is one of the most memorable life moments and rewarding milestones for every student. With many formal graduation ceremonies no longer being possible due to Covid-19, DLE Event Group is helping schools plan, organize, and celebrate high-quality virtual graduation ceremonies.


We understand the importance of virtual graduation celebrations and how they can make students feel special and happy during these uncertain times. DLE Event Group is one of the few production companies that came up with the idea of virtual graduation ceremonies for schools.

The Importance of Virtual Graduation Ceremonies


virtual graduation ceremonies


DLE Event Group recognizes that this sudden disruption to normal procedures is jarring for schools at all levels. The resilience, patience, and adaption required to thrive in the unprecedented situation are characteristics embodied by students.


Our Company recognizes that graduation is a massive reward for students and families.  That’s why we help educational institutions hold virtual graduation ceremonies to honor students while ensuring their students’ safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Hosting a virtual graduation ceremony is a great way to let students know that schools haven’t forgotten them. To help schools pull off a memorable virtual event, the DLE Event Group helps plan, prepare, and organize for such momentous occasions.


Virtual Graduation Ceremonies hosted by DLE Event Group


DLE Event Group offers many ways to celebrate 2021’s graduating class. From airing prerecorded messages on local platforms to designing virtual graduation ceremonies on custom websites, DLE Event Group provides schools with an opportunity to involve the educational community in planning and facilitating high quality and memorable ceremony.


We can stream the ceremony on your school website or other streaming services, including prerecorded messages and speeches. Our highly qualified staff with excellent virtual skills and experience can help your school to record messages and speeches for students and any other VIP’s.

Features of Virtual Graduation Ceremonies


In 2020, the DLE Event Group supported 65 schools in different parts of the country host virtual graduation ceremonies for their students. Our Company focuses on providing an advanced high-tech virtual environment to schools for upcoming ceremonies with customized solutions that will reflect the school’s culture, standards, and ethos.

Our Company has an experienced and skilled production team that collaborates with schools to create a custom solution. DLE Event Group service will let the school re-envision the traditional in-person graduation ceremony and ensure each student celebrates.


Depending on your requirements, the graduation ceremony will allow students, parents, family, and friends to participate virtually, from the comfort of their homes or any other place on graduation day.

Easy Planning Process


DLE Event Group creates high-quality content for virtual graduation ceremonies based on the school requirements. Our team will discuss each aspect of the event to streamline the entire process and guarantee the graduation celebration goes perfectly without any interception.


Besides, before the ceremony, our team will discuss what kind of virtual graduation ceremony you want – i.e., a simple ceremony involving virtual backgrounds and 2-5 minutes of video recordings or something more sophisticated.


For instance, we can help you host an advanced event with features like high-quality videos, graphics, animations, photos, school logo, emblem, banners, presentations, customizable backgrounds, and photo frames.


The planning process also involves discussing things like creating a landing page with streaming information, PDFs, and videos to guide students on attending the ceremony.


DLE Event Group will help you organize valedictorian speeches, invite a memorable guest speaker for a virtual commencement speech, and inviting the class of 2021 for the graduation ceremony in a unique manner.
Remember, we will plan everything based on your requirements and needs. Our event planning team can also give you suggestions, and you can consider them to have the most memorable celebrations.

Virtual Graduation Format


DLE Event Group offers three options, which have already been successful in 2020. Our team will contact you and get all the necessary information. It is part of the planning process. We want to ensure everything goes smoothly without any problems. Once you select the format, we will begin procuring the essential tech solution to make the
ceremony a reality.

Live Virtual Graduations


DLE Event Group has advanced solutions to organize live virtual graduation ceremonies. If you choose this option, we will in-place all the necessary equipment to streamline the process. Faculty, students, families, and friends join on their PCs or laptops using webcams and audio.


The school administration can deliver speeches live or through prerecorded videos – depending on your requirements. A live virtual webinar also features prerecorded elements, allowing participants, especially students, to thank their teachers and families for their support.

Prerecorded Videos

Schools looking for a more flexible option can choose this option. Prerecorded videos allow students to view the graduation celebration at their convenience.


DLE Event Group has experienced graphic designers, video editors, and animation creators. We can edit pre-recorded videos and turn them into something unique and special. Because prerecorded videos are editable, we will ensure presenting graduates’ information (name, class, rewards, etc.) on high-quality slides.


Bear in mind that we offer customized solutions, meaning everything will be tailored to fulfill your requirements. The pre-event consultation, planning, coordination, organization, graphics, multiple cameras, audio editing, and music mixing will lead to successful prerecorded virtual graduation ceremonies.

Livestreamed On-Site Ceremony


Livestream on-site is another option for schools to celebrate virtual graduation ceremonies. It is a type of virtual graduation ceremony with key leaders, including the school administration, principal, vice-principal, teachers, etc. stay on-site and the graduates, families, and friends remain at home.


The option is viable for school leaders who can stay on-site on the graduation day while ensuring social distancing protocols. DLE Event Group will make sure the live-streamed onsite ceremony goes according to the school requirements.


DLE Event Group team will organize and set up a multi-camera on-site webcast virtual graduation ceremony. Our team will combine Livestream with prerecorded videos, graphics, animations, and music to make the event more successful.


The school’s principal, dean, vice-principal, teachers, and other keynote speakers can give their remarks to the on-site live camera or over the internet from the comfort of their home.

High-Quality Equipment


DLE Event Group has a wide range of video imaging resources for recording and live-streaming. We use high-quality and advanced, cutting-edge video cameras for recordings and live broadcasts.


The audio tool is one of the main problems for schools when it comes to virtual graduation ceremonies. With DLE Event Group, we want to let you know that you are in safe hands because we have the right audio tools and equipment to efficiently get the job done.

We also ensure other equipment like tripods, lighting, computers, encoding devices, storage cases, cables, etc., are all in place for a streamlined process. Our experienced motion graphics editors edit the prerecorded videos to craft a brilliant virtual graduation story. Besides, we edit your videos step-by-step, frame-by-frame with a cohesive image and sound.

Custom Graduation Name Ceremony


DLE Event Group helps schools recreate the magic of graduation through a unique, customized, and tailored virtual ceremony. DLE Event Group has a team of graphic designers that works collaboratively with animation creators to design and implement a fully custom virtual graduation ceremony.

We use high-quality tools to create stunning graphics for your school, including the logo, banners, virtual backgrounds, etc. The purpose is to employ exciting ways to celebrate your graduates’ hard work for the year.


Our experienced designers can spotlight high-achieving graduates like Salutatorian and Valedictorian using high-quality graphics that perfectly reflect the school theme, logo, colors, and more.


High-quality custom slideshows with student photos, names, and unique titles (graduation year, class of 2021, school name, major or degree earned, the school logo, or emblem) will showcase the school’s professionalism and make the graduation day special.


We can create unique virtual backgrounds for students of different classes to use during the school-wide virtual graduation ceremony.

Custom Website


DLE Event Group has experienced web designers and programmers who can create a high-quality custom website for the schools’ virtual graduation ceremonies. We can create a single custom website with beautiful themes and fast, easy-to-navigate, graphic-rich, and other features.


We can also create multiple websites for your school or college to host the graduation event for a particular class with stories, memories, photos, videos, guestbook messages, virtual gifts, chat support, and many other features, depending on your requirements.


Our graphic designers, web designers, and developers coordinate to include as many features you want, including online invitation, photo sharing, social media integration, and an easy-to-use intuitive interface.


Our graduation websites can be password protected and implement the latest security protocols, such as secure sockets layer (SSL).  A secure, unique link will be used for each graduation and is only sent out via invitation thus ensuring a secure yet easy method for visitors to enjoy the occasion.


Our team will discuss the theme for virtual graduation ceremonies with schools or colleges to create custom themes, colors, logos, graphics, and animations. Moreover, we let you choose a personalized website URL to make it easy for the school staff and students to view and share the virtual graduation website.


Although it depends on your requirements, our event planning team believes the following features must be on the website’s landing page.


1. A welcome message from the school administration (principal, dean, assistant principal) – A video message will explain the graduation ceremony to students and families.


2. Links to the virtual graduation ceremony with instructions for the staff, students, and families to participate virtually


3. The agenda, order of events, speakers, and special moments


4. Social media integration (if you allow others to watch the ceremony online)


5. A countdown timer showing the date and time for the premiere of the graduation

Security and Privacy


With DLE Event Group, we ensure the school, staff, students’ security and privacy.

We implement advanced security tools and privacy protocols that allow authorized participants to access the website or online graduation platform. DLE Event group enables a memorable moment of students’ academic lives through our secured virtual platform.


Our networking experts employ website security protocols to provide secure environments to the school staff and students. We further improve the website security measures by combining HTTPS with an SSL certificate.

Easy Access


Virtual graduation ceremonies are usually associated with the access problem due to hardware issues and internet connectivity limitations. DLE Event Group considers all precautions to ensure everyone participates in the celebration.


We create platforms that are easily accessible to students, parents, staff, and others. Our team develops an online graduation website with an easy-to-use interface, high-quality graphics, and mobile-friendly or responsive design. It means you can also enjoy the celebration via your smartphone.


The platform we develop for your school is compatible with multiple OS, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Although the possibilities are endless, we help you host virtual graduation ceremonies based on your specific needs. After all, we are a client-oriented company, and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Language Translations


DLE Event Group has human translators who can translate an English speech or message into various languages, including Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and many others.


Our team will incorporate the language translation feature on the graduation website so that you can choose your preferred language. A language translation feature is a viable option for parents who may find it difficult to understand English while viewing speeches or messages.

Test Run


DLE Event Group performs a test run to ensure everything is smooth and up-to-the-mark. We request schools to review the entire virtual graduation ceremony and ask for modifications (if any). The test run feature is viable for schools that host prerecorded ceremonies as well as educational institutions that choose the Livestream option.


Our technical support team will ensure the equipment, including video cameras, lights, audio tools, software, and the internet connection work optimally. The purpose is to ensure no interruption or interception and allow everyone to enjoy the big moment seamlessly.

Final Words


Virtual graduation ceremonies are the need of the hour for educational institutions of all school levels including Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary, and High School. The Covid-19 pandemic has hindered the academic procedures and considering the stats, schools will continue to run their operations online.


Many schools across the US contact DLE Event Group to plan, organize, and run virtual graduation ceremonies. After hosting 65 graduation ceremonies in 2020 with a 100% success rate, our Company is committed to offering the most advanced and customized virtual celebration services to schools in 2021.


From prerecorded events to Livestream graduation ceremonies, DLE Event Group offers customized solutions to meet your requirements at the most affordable prices. Our mission is to connect students, teachers, and the entire educational community to celebrate together.


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