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There are over 2000 high schools in the state of New York, with over a 1 million seniors graduating each year.  These high schools are having to look at alternative graduation ideas to ensure that their graduates still get to enjoy their end of your celebrations.

DLE Event Group offers all high schools in NY the chance to host their graduation ceremonies online in the form of a virtual graduation.

If you are looking for some virtual graduation ideas for high schools in NY, DLE Event Group can definitely assist you.

We create professional virtual graduation events for schools in New York and across the US.  These events are customized to suit your schools’ full look and feel and your graduation day order of events.

Our designs for your graduation ceremony are designed to compliment your logo and your colours and we can include various features to enhance the whole experience.

Our Virtual Graduation Ideas for High Schools in NY 

virtual graduation ideas

1. Gather all graduates, their family members, and their special guests virtually by sending out virtual invitations with a link to the event.

2. Send your visitors to a custom designed website where each guest can sign in, share messages with the graduates, and watch the full event just as if they were at the school in attendance.

3. Use a countdown timer on the event page to get all of your guests to get excited and ready for the event to start

4. Ask your students to take photographs of themselves in their cape and hats, then use these during the naming ceremony

5. Let your students connect with each other during the event by integrating a live comments and messaging service on the site

6. Collect images of each student as a baby/child and use these in a slideshow at the start of the graduation ceremony

7. Pre-record speeches from the Principal, VIP guests,the valedictorian and any teachers before the event, then include them in the virtual event in a professional edited video

8. Use individualized video clips and content that the students can share on social media during the event

9. Include language translations such as Chinese, Spanish or Hindi in areas where there are more foreign speaking students and families

10. Host a live graduation at your high school for the graduates and their immediate family members, but stream the event as a virtual graduation for those that you cannot accommodate due to number restrictions

11. Keep your virtual graduation secure by using SSL certification on your website and password protecting the event.  Only guests with the unique password will be able to view the graduation event

12. Host a virtual graduation party after the event for students to enjoy their achievements and end of year celebrations with their fellow students.

There are lots of other virtual graduation ideas for high schools in NY.  We at DLE Event Group understand that every school is different and every school will want to individualize their virtual graduation event.

DLE Event Group has various virtual graduation packages available to suit all school sizes, budgets and personal requirements.

We have a video on our website that outlines how we deliver our virtual graduations to schools in NY and across the country.  You can take a look at that video by clicking on this link.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our team at or you can click on this link to request a quote.