Students, parents and schools across the US are feeling incredibly sad and disappointed because, once again, their graduation events are being cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

DLE Event Group is a Virtual Graduation Platform in NYC offering an alternative solution to:

  • Pre-schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High schools

We’re helping schools and making it extremely easy to deliver high quality virtual graduations so that every student, no matter their age, can have a wonderful memory of their entire school experience.

In 2020, we created our virtual graduation platform in NYC and was able to help 65 schools with their virtual graduations and virtual events with a 100% success rate, which we are extremely proud about.

How We Can Help The Class of 2021

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still a very serious threat to our Nation. We understand the frustrations that schools are facing as they try to include graduation ceremonies as part of their end of year celebrations, so we have decided to scale our services and expand to schools in states across the US.

Our services include online virtual graduations, virtual graduation parties and virtual events for schools throughout the US.  Each virtual experience is fully customized and can include a number of possibilities including:

Safety & Privacy

We have created a secure virtual graduation platform which takes every students privacy very seriously.  We use SSL secured environments and password protected products to ensure security for each event and we can assure you that your students personal details are in safe hands.

Virtual or In-Person Recording of Speeches

From Principles to Assistant Principles, Teachers, Deans, Valedictorians, and any other VIP’s that are going to be sharing something for the graduation, we can help you make something special.

Custom Graduation Name Ceremony

Many schools wonder how we show off those special Diploma moments. We get questions like “How is it going to look?” and “What’s possible?”

We have a very talented group of designers and video editors on our team who are able to put together incredible elevated looks using school colors, fonts, logos and incredible graphics.

We also have primary and secondary text boxes which enables us to use the students names and also a title for example, “Class of 2021” or “Outstanding Student” or any other title that your school uses for their high achievers.

virtual graduation platform in nyc


Custom Website

We can create a custom URL link that is unique to your school, or unique to your grade if you are doing multiple grades and we can have a special link that you can share in an invitation with the run of show, digital ceremony order of events, the flow and the formalities.

We’re really thinking out of the box about how we can do a virtual experience in a very exceptional and custom way for each school

Integrated Chat

There’s an optional interaction piece which allows us to integrate a chat for guests during the event.  This give them the opportunity to add comments and emojis which the students can see.

virtual graduation platform in nyc


Video Captions & Language Translations

Any languages that are desired to be translated, we can make sure that this is integrated into the final show, we can translate languages including, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Hindi, Italian and Korean.

The Planning Process

The majority of our success comes from our unique planning system and process. We have made the whole onboarding planning process so easy for schools to understand and implement.

Schools find it incredibly easy to send over their content and interact with our team whenever they need additional assistance.  We’re sure you will love our system too.

What Options Are Available?

We have a number of possibilities around options and can tailor this according to your schools needs.  We have a 100% Virtual Option, a fully pre-recorded option, then there’s an in-person live-streaming option.

If you’d like to know more, you can request contact us for our package options here

What Is A Virtual Graduation Platform?

Virtual Graduation Ceremonies take place at schools, colleges and universities every year to celebrate a students progression to a higher level.

The coronavirus pandemic has put an end to most of these celebrations in the US for the time being so companies like DLE Event Group have developed a virtual graduation platform to help schools deliver incredible personalized online graduation ceremonies.

Students, teachers, parents and guests are able to login to the event on their computer or phone on a specific date and time to watch the full virtual event.

Virtual graduations will never be as good as the real thing.  We understand that completely, but at least by using a professional virtual graduation platform like DLE Event Group, you will still be able to celebrate in style.

Our graduation events are incredibly popular and schools in NYC and other areas of the US are already reaching out to us.  Take a look at this email we received from a school we worked with in 2020

I am reaching out in anticipation of having to conduct another ” virtual ” graduation this year.

We found  your company very easy to work with last year and really appreciated how well our graduation turned out. 

Will you still be producing these?  Do you have a price framework yet?
Regards, Pamela



If you’re considering the idea of a virtual graduation celebration this year and want to find out more about our virtual graduation platform in nyc, you can click here to see more info or contact us directly at or click here to get a quote

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department (NYSED) are providing information and guidance for P-12 schools, colleges and universities, licensed professionals, adult education programs, and NYSED employees in response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Click here for more information