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Completely Customized To You

Every great master started somewhere as an apprentice

Watching, imitating, finding the best parts they could develop into their own unique style. Such was the case with DLE Event Group. From learning about customer experience through working at Apple, where they model their gold standards of service after the Ritz Carlton, taking care of people at the highest level is what a musical blend can become, when done perfectly. 

We aim to enhance the most special moments in your life with an unforgettable celebration that will keep people talking for years to come.

The deep down desire to move people comes from connecting with our own humanity, from letting our imagination take us to the wildest places and beyond, to lead the crowd and not follow it. In that sense, we’ve never been worried about competition, we’re too focused on envisioning what’s possible.

After almost a decade of faithfully bringing the best blend of live bands playing alongside an award-winning and inspiring DJ… 

The Pandemic Hit.

The people were gone. Marriages were postponed. To continue to be of impact, we pivoted to using our talent and gear to create outstanding content for the people who needed it most – students missing their graduation.

We created unique, sweet virtual ceremonies that went off without a hitch so that kids could be connected to all of their relatives around the world. Pushing it forward without limits is our baseline for excellence. 

And when the world opened back up, we celebrated right alongside the happy couples who waited until we were all safe, bringing deep and lasting joy to the wee hours of the morning and smiles to everyone’s faces.

We’re all about impact

We offer high-end solutions for weddings who need the best musical entertainment. We offer schools innovation year after year from virtual live-stream graduations to animated recruitment videos, plus documentary-style videos that explore the transformational journey which compels students and parents to take the next confident step in their schooling.

Whatever your milestone is, we want to make it bigger, better, innovative, and genuinely touching. We take the care factor to the highest level of care that it can go. When a hungry bride forgot to eat, we went out and got her sushi. It’s beyond music, it’s about over-delivering on your experience. 

It all starts with yoU

We work with you to custom-craft material for what you’re interested in. For your event. We take our heritage from the deep New York culture of fine arts, we blend it with the best music and dance scene, light spectacles, video magic – then we bring the top performers to make sure you get a real show. We bring the passion – every time.


We aim to create unforgettable, epic events that capture the magic and inspire people to get excited about them for a lifetime


In the perfect world, every milestone deserves to become a memorable spectacle so we can celebrate each other.


In the perfect world, every milestone deserves to become a memorable spectacle so we can celebrate each other.

our core values


Through imagination, we present new solutions for entertainment industry challenges


For the most precious of life’s moments, we consistently deliver


Our white-glove approach delivers outstanding excellence


The care factor we infuse into every venue breathes life into it


Let’s chat about the value we can bring to your next event. We would love to hear more about what you’re interested in