Hybrid DJ Band

A One Of A Kind DJ & Band Hybrid

Are you looking for the most unique wedding entertainment option in the industry? Introducing our DLE Hybrid DJ Band. An award winning collective of talent that blends DJ originals with an exceptionally talented live band. During your reception we transition music back and forth seamlessly, creating unimaginable mixes that are you sure to impress.

Imagine the rhythm section of a band and a DJ mixing back and forth for your entire wedding reception – this is what we invented.  We read the room and navigate the music selection based on the response of the dance floor. No more “pre set playlists” the way a traditional group may approach. We are a tailor-made musical experiential group for couples that crave originality beyond the status quo.

Why Choose DJ Band Hybrid

Hybrid DJ Bands combine the best features of both traditional DJ services and live music performances. They offer a unique combination of high energy dance music and professional sound quality that will keep guests engaged throughout the reception.

You Have More Control Over The Music.

With a hybrid DJ band, you have more control over the music than with a typical DJ service. This means that you can choose songs that fit the mood of the event and the style of the wedding. You also have the option to add special effects such as lighting and fog machines to enhance the atmosphere.

You Don’t Need To Hire An Orchestra.

If you’re planning a wedding reception, there are plenty of reasons why hiring a full orchestra isn’t necessary. In fact, you might even save money by choosing a hybrid DJ band instead.

You Can Create Unique Sets.

There’s no reason why you need to hire a full orchestra just because you’re having a big event. Instead, you can use a hybrid DJ band to play music at your wedding reception. This type of band will allow you to choose songs that fit with the theme of your wedding, while still allowing you to enjoy some of the classic hits that everyone loves.

Hybrid DJ Band Testimonial

Dana & Brant

New Years Eve Wedding

My wife and I had met with a few DJ’s before meeting with DLE Event Group, but one meeting was all it took because we instantly connected with their founder Daniel and hired his team on the spot for our New Years Eve wedding. DLE Event Group understands weddings and they take care of everything. Daniel and his team put the work in before the event to ensure that they understand you as a couple, as well as your expectations for your special day.

Communication is fluid & professionalism is always present. They bring everything to the table including lighting, DJ, MC, and their amazing Hybrid DJ Band – with passion for wanting to perform at the highest level to ensure you and your guests have the best experience.

Lastly, Daniel and the team understand flow, everyone commented on how much they enjoyed it. We really can’t thank Daniel and his Hybrid Band enough for all they did for us to ensure we had the best wedding night ever. If you’re looking for the best entertainment company in the city for your special event, don’t make a decision until you’ve met with DLE. You’ll rest easy knowing you have this crew in your corner!


Cultural Experience

Being in the most diverse city in the world, we have become experts at understanding how to blend cultures at weddings. We host amazing multicultural weddings every month and continue to impress our clients.

Wedding Specialty

Work with professionals that have hosted hundreds of weddings with tender love and care. We know how to bring the amazing energy along with the perfect balance of elegance and excitement.

Personal Touch

We are a relationship driven, boutique style company that genuinely cares about our clients and how we make them feel. Our promise is to always have their best interests leading all of our decisions.

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